Friday, September 20, 2013

Role Models

A day after I made my previous post about guides, I turned to Laura and said that I was surprised that I didn't include my parents in the guides section. I thought for sure this would generate some good discussion, but I was even more surprised that I didn't hear from anyone!

I had to spend some time thinking about my reasons for not including them. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings with this blog, and I certainly don't mean to miss people on purpose. Perhaps everyone was upset at me? My first thought was that a blog can be so difficult, especially since one's writing, thoughts, and feelings suddenly become so public. It becomes so easy to offend without meaning to. Fear not, if I haven't mentioned you, just the fact that you are reading means you are a guide on my journey.

With some more reflection, I ultimately realized that I don't want to give my parents the title of guides because they are really so much more than that. Yes, when I was young and in grade school I needed a guide to direct me along my path, take me to guitar lessons, make sure I kept up with my correspondence class (silly world history), but now, I need and I want something more. My book didn't talk much more about guides, but I have found that I need to create a new category for my journey. My parents are my role models.

After some thoughtful and wonderful conversation with Jason and Debba (after much prodding and investigating mind you), I can only imagine how much effort it takes for parents to shift from guides, a guide in the sense that a parent gives a child direction, to a role model, or a provider of wisdom. No longer do my parents check in to make sure I am making good grades and that I eat my vegetables. Now we have deep conversations about life, the beauty of family, and for the first time ever I feel like I am able to provide insight to them based upon my own experiences in life.

I look up to them as the people that I measure and compare my life to; someone who I want to someday become.

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